What's Going On With AMD Stock?

Benzinga ·  Feb 22 00:24

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) shares are trading lower by 1.9% to $162.63 Wednesday, despite a lack of company-specific news for the session. The stock is trading lower as traders and investors watch for NVIDIA Corp earnings scheduled for release Wednesday afternoon.

Nvidia is set to announce its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings, a highly anticipated event due to its influence on both the company's performance and the broader market. As a major player in the AI sector, Nvidia's results hold significant importance for investor sentiment. Analysts are expecting another robust quarter, with projected non-GAAP EPS of $4.64 and revenue of $20.62 billion...Read More

Is AMD A Good Stock To Buy?

When deciding whether to buy a stock, there are some key fundamentals investors may want to consider. One of these factors is revenue growth. Buying a stock is essentially a bet that the business will continue to grow and generate profits in the future.

Advanced Micro Devices has reported average annual revenue growth of 38.27% over the past 5 years. .

It's also important to pay attention to valuation when deciding whether to buy a stock. Advanced Micro Devices has a forward P/E ratio of 49.51. This means investors are paying $49.51 for each dollar of expected earnings in the future. The average forward P/E ratio of Advanced Micro Devices's peers is 30.46.

Other important metrics to look at include a company's profitability, balance sheet, performance relative to a benchmark index and valuation compared to peers. For in-depth analysis tools and important financial data, check out Benzinga PRO.

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AMD has a 52-week high of $184.92 and a 52-week low of $75.92.

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