EXCLUSIVE: SoundHound's AI Voice Technology Revolutionizes Restaurant, Automotive Industries

Benzinga ·  Feb 21 23:28

Last week,Nvidia(NASDAQ:NVDA) andSoftBank(OTCPK: SFBQF) announced a stake inSoundHound AI(NASDAQ:SOUN) through 13F filings, pushing the stock higher by over 60%.

While retail aficionados scrambled to research more about this small company with high potential, stock market veterans would remember that Nvidia invested in the company as early as 2017, participating in a $75 million funding round.

"We've had a business relationship with Nvidia for many years now, and we're not at all surprised by the amazing success the company is seeing," SoundHound's CEOKeyvan Mohajer told Benzinga, offering his perspective on arguably the most...

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