港股午评 | 港股大反攻!恒指涨3%,科指升逾4%,科网、汽车股强势,美团、理想汽车涨超6%

Hong Kong Stock Afternoon Review | Hong Kong Stocks Fight Back! The Hang Seng Index rose 3%, the Science Index rose more than 4%, Science Network and Auto Stocks were strong, and Meituan and Ideal Auto rose more than 6%

Futu News ·  Feb 21 12:10

Futu News reported on February 21 that the three major indices of Hong Kong stocks rebounded collectively. As of midday trading, the Hang Seng Index rose 3% and the Science Index rose 4.46%.

By the midday close, Hong Kong stocks had risen 1,346, down 510, and closed at 1127.

On the sector side, TechNet stocks showed strong performance, with Meituan and Kuaishou up more than 6%, Bilibili, Xiaomi, and Jingdong up nearly 5%, Baidu and Tencent up more than 3%, Ali up more than 2%, and NetEase followed suit.

Auto stocks generally picked up. Ideal Auto rose more than 6%, Xiaopeng Motor and BYD shares rose more than 4%, and Geely Auto rose 3%.

Insurance stocks generally rose, China Ping An rose more than 7%, China Life Insurance rose nearly 6%, and AIA Insurance rose nearly 3%.

Pharmaceutical stocks continued to rise. Yao Ming United and Genting Xinyao rose more than 10%, Pharmaceutical Kangde rose nearly 8%, and Pharmaceutical Biotech rose nearly 7%.

Real estate and property management stocks joined forces to rise. Longhu Group rose more than 10%, China Resources Land rose nearly 5%, CNOOC Properties rose nearly 9%, and Country Garden Services rose more than 4%.

In terms of individual stocks,$MEITUAN-W (03690.HK)$The increase was nearly 7%, with a cumulative increase of more than 25% during the month. Agencies say the Spring Festival consumption boom is expected to support the company's performance.

$ZA ONLINE (06060.HK)$The increase was more than 6%, and the agency said that the suppressing factors on both sides of capital losses had been fully released.

$SMIC (00981.HK)$With an increase of nearly 6%, the agency believes that the wafer foundry industry is expected to pick up quarterly in 24 years, and the leading early pullback is already fully cost-effective.

$CHINA RES BEER (00291.HK)$With an increase of nearly 7%, the cost of raw materials per ton is expected to drop year on year. The agency expects the company's profit to grow by a small double digit in 24 years.

$ZHAOJIN MINING (01818.HK)$An increase of more than 6% led to a rise in gold stocks. Institutions said that the fall in US dollars and US bonds supported gold prices, and gold futures hit a new high of more than a week.

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