Changes in Hong Kong stocks 丨Coal stocks generally rose, and Yankuang Energy rose more than 3%

Gelonghui Finance ·  Feb 20 11:10
Gelonghui, Feb. 20 | According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, most Hong Kong coal stocks rose during widespread cooling and rain, snow and freezing weather in central and eastern China. Among them, Jinma Energy rose nearly 5%, Yankuang Energy and South Gobi rose more than 3%, Mongolian coking coal rose more than 2%, and Mongolia Energy, Yancoal Australia, and Yidazong are all on the rise. According to the Everbright Securities Research Report, it is expected that the global coal supply and demand will be basically balanced from 2024 to 2026. Under the guarantee of the long-term cooperation policy, domestic coal companies' profits are expected to remain high and stable, and characteristics such as high dividends and central enterprises are expected to catalyze the continued increase in coal stock valuations.

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