Bank of Communications (03328.HK): Yin Jiuyong and Zhou Wanfu's qualifications as directors were approved by the supervisory authority

Gelonghui Finance ·  Feb 18 18:07

Gelonghui, Feb. 18: Bank of Communications (03328.HK) announced that the Bank recently received “China Financial Supervisory Authority's Approval on Bank of Communications Yin Jiuyong's Eligibility” (Jin Pe [2024] No. 72), “China Financial Supervisory and Administration's Approval on the Qualifications of Bank of Communications Zhou Wanfu” (Jin Pe [2024] No. 71), and the China Financial Supervisory Administration has separately approved the qualifications of Mr. Yin and Mr. Zhou as the Bank's executive directors. After his qualifications as a director were approved, Mr. Yin also served as a member of the Risk Management and Related Transaction Control Committee of the Bank's board of directors, and Mr. Zhou also served as a member of the Social Responsibility (ESG) and Consumer Rights Protection Committee of the Bank's board of directors.

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