Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun: Predicting that technological innovation will drastically cut AI costs

Zhitong Finance ·  02/12 18:58

The Nvidia CEO said that advances in computing technology over the next few years will cost AI development far less than the $7 trillion that Sam Altman is allegedly raising.

The Zhitong Finance App learned,$NVIDIA (NVDA.US)$CEO Hwang In-hoon predicts that advances in computing technology over the next few years will make the development cost of artificial intelligence far lower than the $7 trillion that Sam Altman is allegedly raising.

Wong In-hoon said at the Dubai World Government Summit on Monday: “You can't just assume you'll buy more computers. You also have to consider that computers are going to be faster, so the total amount you need isn't that much.”

The 60-year-old company leader's company makes the most sought after artificial intelligence accelerators, and he is confident that the chip industry will reduce the cost of artificial intelligence because these components are “being manufactured more and more rapidly.”

OpenAI CEO Sam Ultman is seeking to raise $7 trillion from investors in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, for a semiconductor program designed to power artificial intelligence projects that compete with Nvidia, Hwang said in a Wall Street Journal report.

According to information, due to Nvidia's undisputed leadership in the field of artificial intelligence training chips, its market value has expanded to more than 1.7 trillion US dollars, while Hwang In-hoon's personal wealth has also increased several times.

In response, Ultraman and other AI developers are seeking to diversify their hardware choices, including exploring their own chip manufacturing business.

Among them, TSM.US (TSM.US), the world's leading OEM chip manufacturer, and Samsung Electronics promise to invest more than 30 billion US dollars in capital expenses every year to stay ahead of potential competitors.

Furthermore, for Ultraman, if he wants to have a chance to weaken their lead, he will need to invest a lot of money in research, development, facilities, and expert talent, but Hwang In-hoon believes that better, more economical chips will make all of this unnecessary.

Despite this, Nvidia's CEO doesn't think the growth in AI spending will end anytime soon. In his speech, Hwang In-hoon estimated that in the next five years, the cost of data centers built around the world to support artificial intelligence will double.

He said, “We are at the beginning of this new era. Around a trillion dollar data center has been built around the world. Over the next four or five years, we will have $2 trillion worth of data centers that will support the operation of software around the world.”


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