盈透证券(IBKR.US)Frank Thomas AJ售出8.45万股普通股股份,价值约792.11万美元

IBKR.US Frank Thomas AJ sold 84,500 common shares worth approximately US$7.921,100

Futu News ·  Feb 6 07:02

It was reported on February 6 that according to documents disclosed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February 5,$Interactive Brokers (IBKR.US)$Frank Thomas AJ sold 84,500 shares of common stock at an average price of $93.77 per share on February 1 and 2, worth approximately US$7.921,100.

Image source: SEC's official website

What is a statement of change in shareholding?

The SEC requires insiders in listed companies to publicly disclose their securities transactions and shareholding. When an insider's shareholding changes, depending on the circumstances, a shareholding change statement must be submitted to the SEC within a certain period of time after the transaction ends.

Insiders include the company's directors and executives, and any shareholder holding 10% or more of the company's tradable shares.

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