Zhitong A-share Dragon Tiger List Statistics|January 30

Zhitong Finance ·  Jan 31 07:00

The Zhitong Finance App learned that on January 30, a total of 50 companies appeared on the A-share Dragon Tiger List. Among them, Shennan Electric Power A (000037.SZ), Huajian Group (600629.SH), and Liante Technology (301205.SZ) ranked in the top three for total net purchase amounts of 150 million yuan, 71.5378 million yuan, and 59.2049 million yuan respectively.

Top 10 net buying companies

incorporationcodesNet purchase amount for the top five seats
Shennan Electric A0000371.54 billion
Huajian Group60062971.53.78 million
Liante Technology30120559.2049 million
Baitong Energy00137653.401 million
Flyover lifting002523490.63 million
Changjiang Investment60011942.5427 million
Zhongcheng Co., Ltd.00015141.8803 million
Chugong High School60386028.275 million
Belon Precision30156726.4041 million
Guosheng Technology6037782028.83 million

Top 10 net selling companies

incorporationcodesNet sales of the top five seats
New clean energy6051111.17 billion
Changlian Co., Ltd.6036481.1 billion
COSCO Communications301516704.331 million
Toyoyama Group603810643967 million
Yashi Optoelectronics00295262.2783 million
Shanghai auto parts603107556.955 million
Tengda Technology001379478.893 million
Baoli Foods603170459.871 million
Zhongke Magnetic3011414.203.04 million
Europass30087037.6661 million

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