长春高新(000661.SZ):回购完成 累计耗资约1.2亿元回购98.66万股

Changchun Hi-Tech (000661.SZ): The total cost of the repurchase was about 120 million yuan to repurchase 986,600 shares

Gelonghui Finance ·  Jan 25 16:35

Gelonghui, January 25, 丨 Changchun Hi-Tech (000661.SZ) announced that the company's initial share repurchase period was January 24, 2024. A total of 986,600 shares of the company's shares were repurchased through a dedicated securities account, accounting for 0.24% of the company's total share capital. The highest transaction price was 123.2 yuan/share, and the lowest transaction price was 118.86 yuan/share. The total transaction amount was approximately RMB 120 million (including transaction fees). At this point, the company's current repurchase plan has been fully implemented.

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