Tianli Technology (300399.SZ): Plans to list and transfer 51% of the shares of the holding subsidiary Zhonghe Sihai

Gelonghui Finance ·  Jan 17 16:24

Gelonghui, January 17丨Tianli Technology (300399.SZ) announced that in order to further optimize the main business and focus on the main business, Jiangxi Tianli Technology Co., Ltd. plans to transfer 51% of the shares of the holding subsidiary Beijing Zhonghe Sihai Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhonghe Sihai” or the “target company”) through public listing at the Jiangxi Property Exchange. The minimum listing price is 2,0381 million yuan (based on the assessed value and considering the impact of debt exemption). If the listing transaction is successful, the company will no longer hold Zhonghe Sihai shares. It is no longer included in the scope of consolidated reports.

As of the announcement date, Zonghe Si Hai still owed the company 3 million yuan in principal amount of the loan. According to the company's judgment, it is unlikely that this amount will be recovered. In order to successfully implement this equity transfer transaction, after review and approval at the 8th meeting of the 5th board of directors of the company and the 8th meeting of the 5th board of supervisors, it is proposed to waive the 3 million yuan debt of Zhonghe Sihai. The debt forgiveness and equity transfer are a package deal.

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