Changes in Hong Kong stocks 丨 TV and radio bucked the trend and rose more than 4%. Executive Chairman Xu Tao said he is confident that this year will turn around

Gelonghui Finance ·  Jan 8 10:35
Gelonghui, January 8 | TV broadcast (0511.HK) bucked the intraday trend today, at one point rising more than 4% to HK$3.28. According to the news, Executive Chairman Xu Tao said in his speech at the Lunar New Year ?$#@$ Choi Dinner last week that he is confident that this year will be “the year TVB will turn around” and that he has decided to raise his salary; General Manager Zeng Zhiwei said in an interview that the company should not lay off any more employees; now it is necessary to increase manpower.

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