大行评级|麦格理:维持腾讯“跑赢大市”评级 目标价455港元

Bank Ratings|Macquarie: Maintaining Tencent's “Outperforming Market” Rating Target Price of HK$455

Gelonghui Finance ·  12/08/2023 11:33
Glonghui, December 8 | According to a report published by Macquarie, Tencent's user ecosystem is attractive and cohesive, combined with stable market positioning and a favorable revenue mix, providing visibility for sustainable growth. The bank expects video account monetization to drive continued growth in the advertising business even with competitive and cyclical factors. The bank maintained its “outperform the market” rating, with a target price of HK$455. According to the report, Tencent's cost structure supports profit visibility better. Although the recovery of the fintech and corporate services business may be lagging behind, I believe Tencent will maintain a good momentum of development thanks to its steady game product line, overseas expansion, and ad wallet share. The bank expects Tencent's total revenue to grow 12% year on year next year and adjusted profit to increase 22% year on year.

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