According to the news, ByteDance has begun a new round of repurchases, with the latest valuation of about US$268 billion

TechWeb ·  12/07/2023 14:02

Source: TechWeb
Author: Zhou Xiaobai

According to Surge News, ByteDance will buy back 5 billion US dollars worth of options from investors. The repurchase price is 160 US dollars per share, which is the same as the repurchase price of ByteDance employee options in October this year, and the corresponding valuation is about 268 billion US dollars.

Compared to the $300 billion valuation at the time of shareholder repurchases in September 2022, ByteDance's valuation has now dropped by about 10%. As of the close of trading on December 6, Tencent's latest market value was HK$2.96 trillion, equivalent to about $379 billion. ByteDance's latest valuation is about 70% of Tencent's market value.

According to public reports, ByteDance's valuation reached a high of 400 billion US dollars in 2021, then continued to decline. Regarding the repurchase, ByteDance has yet to respond.

According to reports, at present, ByteDance's listing plan is still undecided.


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