Xiaomi begins the process of confirming the placement of vehicles on display in stores, and will officially arrive in stores in the first quarter of next year

界面新聞 ·  12/05/2023 18:31

① Some Xiaomi homes in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have begun to confirm the placement of exhibition vehicles;

② On the production side, Xiaomi is also doing the final sprint work for the exhibition car to enter the store.

Following completion of the training of store managers in some cities, Xiaomi Motors has new developments in terminal sales. Interface News learned that some Xiaomi homes in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have already begun to confirm the placement of exhibition cars.

A Xiaomi Home store located in Xujiahui, Shanghai. The first floor is currently being renovated (two floors in total). According to the staff, in the future, the first floor of the store will be used entirely for display cars, and the exhibition cars will arrive in the first quarter of next year.

Staff at a Xiaomi house in Beijing told Interface News that many Xiaomi stores in Beijing are small in size and located on the negative floor of shopping malls, making it difficult to place display cars. Therefore, Xiaomi may transform existing large-scale stores and open new Xiaomi homes to sell cars.

A staff member at a Xiaomi store in Foshan, Guangdong revealed to Interface News that leaders have already visited the store to inspect the car display location, and when selecting other car showroom stores, they will be screened based on area.

On the production side, Xiaomi is also doing the final sprint work for the exhibition car to enter the store. According to a report by Auto Pixel on December 4, the first Xiaomi car model has entered the fifth stage of production line verification, and the Xiaomi Yizhuang factory will complete the goal of loading 300 vehicles in December. The increase in production is mainly to supply terminal vehicle demand, and the mass production node will not be earlier than the first quarter of next year.

Xiaomi CFO Lin Shiwei once told the media that resources such as Xiaomi's brand, offline stores, supply chain, and engineers have a certain degree of reuse, which can save more time and costs.

In terms of sales channels, the Huawei smart car selection model has previously been used as a reference. The current sales channels for Xiaomi cars may be divided into two types: one is to use Xiaomi's mature mobile phone sales channels in the past to directly sell cars without the need to invest heavy capital and time costs in channel construction; the other is a newly built delivery center responsible for vehicle delivery and after-sales maintenance.

Earlier, it has been reported that since July of this year, Xiaomi has begun screening work for delivery centers. The first batch of cities includes Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Xi'an. The candidate site is required to have at least 120 parking spaces, and the construction must not be less than 3,000 square meters.

Interface News discovered from Tianyan that since July of this year, Xiaomi has also established Xiaomi Jingming Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, Wuhan, Kunming, Xi'an, and Shenzhen. Its business scope includes various automotive services such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure operation, battery spare parts sales, and automobile sales.

Xiaomi's first all-electric sedan, the Xiaomi SU7, entered the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's new car catalogue on November 15, and is expected to be officially launched next year. At the same time as the launch of the first Xiaomi car model and preparations for sale, Xiaomi has already begun planning subsequent models.

According to Auto Pixel, Xiaomi has completed plans for three cars, which will be released one after another within the next three years. The first two models are all electric models, and the third is a hybrid model. It is already being designed, and it is still uncertain whether it will be plug-in or extended range. In the future, the development cycle for new models of Xiaomi cars will be drastically shortened, and it is expected that a new car will be launched every year in the future.


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