Visa China Cross-border Financial Payment Innovation Forum was held. Over 100 industry leaders discussed business payments

PR Newswire ·  11/30/2023 21:01

BEIJING, November 30, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Today, Visa successfully hosted the “2023 Visa China Cross-border Financial Payment Innovation Forum” in Beijing, showcasing Visa's innovative technology and one-stop solutions in the field of cross-border business payments. At this event, Visa not only invited product experts and industry experts from the Asia-Pacific region, but also brought together more than 100 industry leaders from financial institutions, payment service providers, technology companies and other industries to share and discuss the latest trends, industry challenges and development opportunities in cross-border financial payments.

In today's globalized business environment, innovation in cross-border financial payments has become an important driving force for economic development. According to statistics[1]Every year, about 800 million people receive about 800 billion US dollars in remittances from global flows, and there are still many opportunities for cross-border payment business growth in the future. Furthermore, the payments revolution is taking place globally, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. From instant transactions to mobile wallets, new digital solutions are constantly emerging to meet changing customer expectations and transform cross-border capital flows.

In recent years, Visa has been working to digitize business payments and capital flows, supporting financial institutions, fintech industry enablers, businesses, and the real economy. Based on localization needs, Visa has launched a “one-stop Visa business and capital flow business” for Chinese partners to help SMEs improve their operations and capital flow processing capabilities.

At the event, guests such as Shen Enguang, Co-CEO of Lianlian International, Wu Wei, President of Fuyou Pay, and Jiang Xin, Director of Business Development for Tencent ZhihuiGe China, were invited to share, combine cutting-edge industry research and insights, and the latest cooperation practices to interpret the new blue ocean of cross-border payments in all aspects.

In his concluding remarks, Visa China President Yin Xiaolong said, “As one of Visa's three pillars of business globally, we will continue to invest in Visa's business and capital flow business networks and iterate on our products. We are also looking forward to collaborating with domestic customers and partners to innovate business models and seize growth opportunities in cross-border payment business.”

Visa China President Yin Xiaolong delivered a concluding address for the forum

Wang Zhiyun, general manager of Visa's Greater China Business and Capital Flow Division, said, “Visa's business and capital flow business will focus more on how to solve the pain points of local businesses. We work with financial institution clients and fintech companies to jointly provide products and services to small and medium-sized enterprises in need to solve their complex cost management and reconciliation problems. In addition, through the Visa network, we also provide global liquidity capabilities to help exporters receive and remit remittances through various foreign exchange options to achieve global capital flows for public payments in a more efficient manner.”

Wang Zhiyun, General Manager of Visa's Greater China Business and Capital Flow Business Division, shared “Creating a New One-Stop Cross-border Payment Experience”

To reflect its commitment to the Chinese market and fully promote the transformation of cross-border payments, Visa participated in the first “China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo” (hereinafter referred to as the “Chain Expo”) held in Beijing. At the China Expo booth, Visa comprehensively showcased global digital commerce payment solutions, including Visa digital commerce payment solutions and Cybersource risk management solutions for different business scenarios, business needs, and payment risk control management, highlighting Visa's concept of open, innovative, flexible and secure digital payment development in the rapidly changing digital business era.


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