Tianqi Lithium (09696.HK): The company was designated as the lithium carbonate futures delivery depot of Guangji Institute

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/28/2023 07:58

Gelonghui November 28丨Tianqi Lithium (09696.HK) issued an announcement. The company held the 6th meeting of the sixth board of directors on August 30, 2023 to deliberate and pass the “Proposal on Application for Designated Delivery of Lithium Carbonate to the Guangzhou Futures Exchange”, agreeing that the company should apply to the Guangzhou Futures Exchange (“Guangzhou Stock Exchange”) for the qualification of a designated delivery factory for lithium carbonate, and authorized the company's management to submit application materials to handle other related matters.

On November 27, 2023, Guangshi Institute issued the “Notice on Adjusting Designated Delivery Depots and Quality Inspection Agencies for Lithium Carbonate Futures” (issued by Guangqi [2023] No. 268), and decided to add the company as a lithium carbonate futures delivery factory, effective from the date of the announcement by Guangqi. The company's designation as the delivery depot for lithium carbonate futures in Guangshi is conducive to further expanding the company's popularity and influence in the industry and improving the company's standardized management level.

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