2023 年 Visa 加速器计划入选企业展示创新数字支付解决方案

Companies selected for the 2023 Visa Accelerator Program showcase innovative digital payment solutions

PR Newswire ·  11/27/2023 14:17

Seven startups successfully showcased solutions and proof of concept at the 2023 Visa Accelerator Program Demo Day to seize major opportunities in the digital payments sector

BEIJING, November 27, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- During the 2023 Singapore Fintech Festival (2023 Singapore Fintech Festival) held recently, Visa introduced the selection for the 2023 Asia Pacific Visa Accelerator Program (Asia Pacific Visa) at the “Visa Accelerator Program Demo Day” (Visa Accelerator Program Demo Day) (Visa Accelerator Program Demo Day) Accelerator Program 2023) company. The selected companies showcased proof of concept of innovative solutions at the event, bringing the memorable journey to a successful conclusion. Over a period of six months, the seven selected startups used Visa's mentoring support, resources, and global network to inject innovative energy into digital payments.

These seven startups were selected for this year's Visa Accelerator Program in May 2023. They are: Dowsure Bean Paste (China), Doxa Holdings (Singapore), Kadmos (Germany), Pi-xcels (Singapore), Playbux (Thailand), Transpure (India), and Tweed (India). Over the past six months, these startups have collaborated with Visa's payment experts, business development teams, and customers to develop solutions in areas such as Web 3.0, global capital flows, embedded finance, empowering merchants and small businesses, and open banking.

Kunal Chatterjee, Visa's Asia Pacific Business Innovation Head, said: “We launched the Visa Accelerator Program in 2020 to help innovative startups unlock their growth potential and expand into more markets. Within the startup community, Visa has found its own unique position — our main differentiator is our focus on developing practical proof of concepts that take these solutions directly from our innovation hub to our customers.”

Pei Zhongfang, CEO of Dowsure Tofang, said, “The Visa Accelerator Program is critical to our innovation strategy and has greatly enhanced our credibility in the minds of large-scale businesses. Visa provides us with customized guidance to help us fill our knowledge gaps in digital payments and credit card design, and interact more productively with key stakeholders in the banking and fintech sector. Through this program, we are pioneering a data-driven credit card risk review model in the cross-border e-commerce market. We believe Visa's continued support will continue to drive valuable exchanges of best practices and drive the industry forward.

At the Visa Accelerator Program Demo Day, each startup showcased proof of concept results from product development, technology integration, testing, and solution refinement. The commercialization fast track is the final step in Visa mentors' support, helping startup solutions enter Visa's vast network of financial institutions, merchants, and digital partners, and facilitate more business and partnership opportunities.

“Visa's commitment to driving innovation in fintech and digital payments is the best example of what these startups have achieved. They used Visa's expertise in digital payments, cross-border financing, and customer loyalty to overcome a range of market challenges — from ensuring stakeholder engagement and improving the user interface to meeting consumer needs. We look forward to these startups continuing to exert their influence in the field of digital payments and continue to support collaboration, innovation and development within the digital payments ecosystem.” Kunal Chatterjee added.

Since its inception, the Visa Accelerator Program has been committed to supporting more mature APAC startups, providing them with experienced mentors and cutting-edge technology, and opening the door to investment opportunities. Under Visa's guidance, startups selected for the 2021 and 2022 accelerator programs have partnered with well-known customers and business partners in the region. Additionally, Visa has partnered and signed agreements with six startups that have brought significant innovation to the payments industry, further proof of the success of the accelerator program.

2024 Asia Pacific region of the year VISA Accelerator Program

In 2024, the fourth edition of the Visa Accelerator Program is about to begin, and applications are scheduled to open in January 2024. Visa welcomes growing startups to participate in the program. If a startup is committed to the development of the Asia-Pacific region for a long time, already has business in the region, and has proven solutions in the market, then joining the Visa Accelerator Program is a great choice. For more details and the latest information, please visit:.


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