China Construction Bank: Since this year, it has invested nearly 300 billion yuan in loans to the public real estate industry

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/27/2023 12:40
Gelonghui, November 27 | According to CCB's official WeChat account, recently, CCB held a bank-enterprise symposium to support the rational financing needs of real estate companies. The banks and enterprises thoroughly discussed the real estate market situation, business development opportunities and future development direction, discussed bank-enterprise cooperation, jointly addressed challenges, and created high-quality development. Representatives from six housing enterprises, Longhu Group, Vanke Group, Xincheng Holdings, Binjiang Group, Midea Real Estate, and Dahua Group attended the conference. At the meeting, CCB presented its support for housing enterprises. Since this year, CCB has invested nearly 300 billion yuan in public real estate loans, nearly trillion yuan in personal housing loans, and investment and underwriting amounts in housing enterprise bonds have exceeded 30 billion yuan. For real estate enterprises that operate normally, CCB resolutely does not hesitate to lend, draw on loans, and continue to lend, stabilize financial support, meet their reasonable financing needs, and give full play to its positive role in enriching market supply and stimulating market vitality.

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