大行评级|大摩:予建设银行H股“增持”评级 目标价6.4港元

Bank Ratings|Daimo: Giving CCB H Shares “Increased Holdings” with a target price of HK$6.4

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/24/2023 15:21
Glonghui, November 24 | Morgan Stanley published a technical opinion report, believing that CCB's stock price will rise by about 70% to 80% in the next 60 days, pointing out that towards the end of the year, investors may refocus their attention on dividends to avoid risks, and the 9.5% dividend rate and sufficient provision buffer that CCB can provide is the most attractive return on investment in the market. Damo expects that the growth in the scale of social financing (TSF) in the first quarter of next year will also cause the market to pay more attention to defensive stocks with attractive dividend returns and give them an “increase in holdings” rating, with a target price of HK$6.4.

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