Research Report Nuggets: Huaan Securities: Maintaining Kunyao Group's “Buy” Rating, Business Restructuring Stimulates New Momentum

Gelonghui Finance ·  Nov 23, 2023 13:45
Gelonghui, November 23 | According to Huaan Securities Research Report, Kunyao Group (600422.SH) maintained a double-digit increase in net profit withheld from its parent in the third quarter, and business restructuring stimulated new momentum. Maintain a “buy” rating. At the end of October, the company pledged an investment of RMB 40 million with its own capital and held 40% of the shares of the 37 Research Institute. After the establishment of the 37 Research Institute, it will be included in the scope of the company's consolidated statements. The establishment of the new company is in line with the strategic development direction of the Kunming Pharmaceutical Group. It will help the Kunming Pharmaceutical Group give full play to the company's advantages in the layout of the entire 37 industry chain and accelerate the integration and collaborative empowerment of China Resources 39 and the company's 37 industries. At the same time, key varieties of traditional Chinese medicine in Kunming, such as Ginseng Lingjian Spleen and Stomach Granules, Liver Relief Granules, Fragrant Sand, Calming Granules, Panlan Heat-clearing Granules, and Lung Clearing and Phlegm Pills all achieved an increase of more than 30% in the third quarter alone. The company continues to strengthen the brand and academic empowerment of its products, while also broadening product channels. The channel penetration rate and market share of the company's 37th product group have been steadily increasing.

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