Here's How Much You Would Have Made Owning ICICI Bank Stock In The Last 10 Years

Benzinga ·  11/22/2023 01:00

ICICI Bank (NYSE:IBN) has outperformed the market over the past 10 years by 3.92% on an annualized basis producing an average annual return of 13.54%. Currently, ICICI Bank has a market capitalization of $77.94 billion. Buying $1000 In IBN: If an investor had bought $1000 of IBN stock 10 years ago, it would be worth $3,465.12 today based on a price of $22.24 for IBN at the time of writing.ICICI Bank's Performance Over Last 10 YearsFinally -- what's the point of all this? The key insight to take from this article is to note how much of a difference compounded returns can make in your cash growth

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