公告精选 | 小米Q3调整后净利同比增长183%至59.9亿元;融创重大进展!境外债务重组正式生效

Selected Announcements | Xiaomi's Q3 adjusted net profit increased 183% year on year to 5.99 billion yuan; Sunac has made significant progress! Overseas debt restructuring officially takes effect

Futu News ·  11/21 08:15

Big announcement

1. The adjusted net profit of Xiaomi Group for the third quarter was 5.99 billion yuan, up 183% year on year

$XIAOMI-W(01810.HK)$Revenue for the third quarter was 70.89 billion yuan, up 0.6% year on year; adjusted net profit for the third quarter was 5.99 billion yuan, up 183% year on year. This quarter, the Group's overall gross margin reached 22.7%. In addition, the smartphone business revenue was 41.6 billion yuan. Global smartphone shipments were 41.8 million units, up 4.0% year on year and 27.0% month on month.

2. Sunac China's overseas debt restructuring officially came into effect, and the overall debt risk reduction was about 90 billion yuan

$SUNAC(01918.HK)$An announcement was issued stating that all conditions for the company's overseas debt restructuring have been met, and it will officially take effect on November 20. Sunac said that with the completion of all domestic and foreign open market debt restructuring, Sunac has resolved the overall debt risk of about 90 billion yuan. There is no rigid debt repayment pressure in the overseas open market within 2-3 years, creating better conditions for business resumption.

3. The latest data from the three major telecom operators is out! The number of users of China Mobile's 5G package increased to about 759 million

On November 20, the three major telecom operators announced October operating data.

$CHINA UNICOM(00762.HK)$: In October, the cumulative number of “Big Connect” users reached about 969 million, the cumulative number of 5G package users reached about 252 million, and the cumulative number of IoT terminal connections reached about 474 million.

$CHINA MOBILE(00941.HK)$: The total number of mobile business customers in October was about 991 million, a net increase of 746,000 customers this month, a cumulative net increase of 157.71 million customers this year, and the number of 5G package customers was about 759 million.

$CHINA TELECOM(00728.HK)$: The number of mobile users in October was 407 million, the number of users increased by 830,000 in that month, and the cumulative net increase in users was 15.46 million during the year. The number of 5G package users was 311 million, the number of users increased by 3.71 million during the month, and the cumulative net increase of users was 43.36 million during the year.

4. Tencent restarts repurchasing after a one-month interval

$TENCENT(00700.HK)$An announcement was issued. On November 20, the company spent approximately HK$401 million to repurchase 1.24 million shares, with a repurchase price of HK$316.2 to HK$328.4 million. Tencent's last repurchase dates back to October 13.

5. China Huarong plans to acquire shares in China Merchants Highway for 3 billion yuan

$CHINA HUARONG(02799.HK)$An announcement was made to invest about 3.01 billion yuan to transfer 5.776% of China Merchants Highway's shares. The announcement stated that in order to give full play to the main business, revitalize the stock assets of local state-owned enterprises, and optimize the company's asset allocation, it is expected to bring stable profits to the company and enhance the company's ability to operate sustainably.

Company performance

$XIAOMI-W(01810.HK)$: Adjusted net profit for the third quarter was 5.99 billion yuan, up 183% year on year

$TRIP.COM-S(09961.HK)$: Revenue for the third quarter was 13.751 billion yuan, up 99% year on year

$GENSCRIPT BIO(01548.HK)$: Attached$Legend Biotech(LEGN.US)$Net loss for the third quarter was US$62.2 million, a year-on-year narrowing of 26.82%

Pharmaceutical Innovation

$HENLIUS(02696.HK)$: The clinical trial application for HLX13, an antibiotic similar to ipilimumab, was approved by the State Drug Administration

$FOSUN PHARMA(02196.HK)$: Recombinant anti-CTLA-4 whole-human monoclonal antibody injection approved for drug clinical trials

$IMMUNEONCO-B(01541.HK)$: Its IMM2510 phase II clinical trial for recurrent and refractory alveolar soft tissue sarcoma (ASPS) successfully completed the first case of patients enrolled in group administration.

Acquisition and sale

$CHINA HUARONG(02799.HK)$It is planned to spend 3 billion yuan to acquire 358 million tradable shares of China Merchants Highway

$CHINA MER PORT(00144.HK)$Plans to acquire 51% of the shares of PORT, a company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for US$61.2 million

Repurchase cancellation

$TENCENT(00700.HK)$On November 20, 1.24 million shares were repurchased at a cost of HK$401 million

$AIA(01299.HK)$On November 20, 1,8441,800 shares were repurchased at a cost of HK$135 million

$CONCH CEMENT(00914.HK)$On November 20, it spent 15.509 million yuan to buy back 662,000 A-shares

$ESR(01821.HK)$On November 20, 900,000 shares were repurchased at a cost of HK$9.12 million

$SINOPEC CORP(00386.HK)$On November 20, 1,726,000 shares were repurchased at a cost of HK$7.158,000

$JIUMAOJIU(09922.HK)$On November 20, 592,000 shares were repurchased at a cost of HK$5.062 million


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