微软股价升创历史新高, “收编”奥特曼决定为纳德拉加分不少

Microsoft's stock price rose to a record high, and Ultraman “Editor” decided to add quite a few points to Nadella ·  11/21 07:06

Earlier in the day, Microsoft CEO Nadella announced that two major figures in the field of artificial intelligence, who had just been fired by OpenAI, would lead the team to join Microsoft.

Financial News Agency, November 21, Monday (November 20), tech giants$Microsoft(MSFT.US)$It rose 2% to the highest closing in history. The stock had already risen 57% at the beginning of the year, and its market value was close to 2.8 trillion US dollars, further approaching Apple.

Market analysis points out that the stock market's reaction stemmed from Microsoft's rapid response to the “OpenAI personnel earthquake.” Earlier in the day, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) announced that two major figures in the field of artificial intelligence, who had just been fired by OpenAI, would lead the team to join Microsoft.

Nadella wrote on social media, “We are delighted to announce that Sam Altman (Sam Altman), Greg Brockman (Greg Brockman) and their colleagues will join Microsoft to lead a new senior AI research team.”

Nadella said Ultraman will be the CEO of this new team, and Microsoft looks forward to “providing them with the resources they need to succeed” as soon as possible. Ultraman immediately retweeted Nadella's post and wrote, “The mission continues.”

Analysts said that the decision to hire Ultraman reassured Microsoft shareholders. Previously, they feared Ultraman would set up a new company and launch a competitor to ChatGPT.

Joshua Mahony, chief analyst at Scope Markets, said that Microsoft's decision will help minimize the possibility of an outflow of OpenAI personnel while increasing expertise in its large-scale artificial intelligence business.

Daniel Ives (Daniel Ives), an analyst at Wedbush Securities (Wedbush Securities), commented that Nadella and Microsoft have completely reversed the situation. “In the field of AI, we think Microsoft is now even in a stronger position. Ultraman and Brockman are helping the company run artificial intelligence.”

Aaron Levie, CEO of cloud storage service provider Box, wrote on social media, “Satya (Nadra)'s execution is incredible.” Aviral Bhatnagar, one of Venture Highway's investors, wrote, “Now you can see why Nadella is the CEO of one of the greatest technology companies of our time.”

According to information, Ultraman and Brockman are both co-founders of the artificial intelligence research company OpenAI. Last year, the company released the chatbot program ChatGPT, which quickly became the hottest unicorn company in the world.

However, just when the company was thriving, Ultraman was removed from the CEO position without warning at the OpenAI board meeting last week, and Brockman, who is closely related to Ultraman, announced his resignation as president as a result. This change is certainly a major blow to Microsoft, which has invested heavily in OpenAI.

Richard Windsor (Richard Windsor), founder of the research company Radio Free Mobile, pointed out that the decision to hire Ultraman is a classic case of Microsoft's “damage control” (damage control). Damage management generally refers to emergency control by ships, ships, etc. of risks that may lead to sinking.

Windsor said that Microsoft has invested at least 11 billion US dollars in OpenAI. As a commercial enterprise, of course, it would not want to see huge losses in investment. Windsor pointed out that “a large part of the value of Microsoft's investment is closely tied to the company's internal founders and engineers.”

Rishi Jaluria, a capital markets executive at Royal Bank of Canada, said that after investing so much in OpenAI, Microsoft still hasn't won a board seat. “I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft wants to have more say in the future.”


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