US stocks and Argentine concept stocks are booming, oil company YPF rose nearly 40%, and “Argentina's Trump” Millay was elected as the new president

Futu News ·  11/20 23:05

Futu News reported on November 20 that the Argentine companies listed in the US rose collectively today.$YPF SA(YPF.US)$An increase of nearly 40%,$Telecom Argentina(TEO.US)$$Transportadora de Gas del Sur(TGS.US)$$Pampa Energia(PAM.US)$$Edenor S.A.(EDN.US)$An increase of nearly 20%,$Loma Negra(LOMA.US)$Up 12%.

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On November 19, local time, Argentina held a second round of presidential elections. According to the final vote count results announced officially, Congressman Javier Millay, a candidate from the far-right electoral coalition “Liberal Progressive Party”, won 55.95% of the vote and was elected as Argentina's new president.

Millet, 52, is an economist and founder and main leader of Argentina's “Liberal Advancement Party.” According to previous media reports, Millay is a fan of former US President Trump and is known as “Trump of Argentina.” His remarks include claims that the central bank will be bombed after the election, that the Argentine peso will be abolished and that full dollarization of the Argentine peso will be abolished, and that free arms purchases will be allowed, etc., often making astonishing remarks.

Regarding Millay's election, Trump posted on social media on the 19th local time, “Congratulations to Javier Millay for his great results in Argentina's presidential campaign. The whole world is watching! I'm very proud of you. You'll change your country and really make Argentina great again!”

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