Wedbush: Altman and Brockman join forces, Microsoft AI is in a “stronger” position

Zhitong Finance ·  11/20 22:37

Source: Zhitong Finance

Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives said on Monday that$Microsoft(MSFT.US)$After hiring former OpenAI co-founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, the company is in a more “powerful” position in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) than before, and ended the “embarrassing circus show” of the past few days. Ives gave Microsoft an “outperform the market” rating, with a target price of 425 US dollars. He compared the whole process of Altman's dismissal to a horrible mistake in a game of poker.

Ives said, “Simply put, the four-person board of OpenAI is like sitting at the kids' table thinking they've won until Nadella and Microsoft won everything in a protracted World Series of Poker. Silicon Valley and Wall Street watched the game nervously.” “We think Microsoft is now even in a better position from an artificial intelligence perspective because Altman and Brockman are responsible for artificial intelligence at Microsoft.”

Ives added that if Microsoft loses Altman, he may go to Amazon (AMZN.US), Google (GOOG.US), Apple (AAPL.US), or several other companies.

Ives said: “He is now leading critical artificial intelligence work at Microsoft headquarters, and we expect many important scientists and developers to leave OpenAI and go directly to Microsoft.”

According to information, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella posted on social media platforms in the early hours of Monday morning that the company is “very excited” that Altman and Brockman will join the company and lead advanced artificial intelligence research.

Nadella wrote: “We look forward to acting quickly to provide them with the resources they need to succeed.”

Nadella also said that Microsoft is committed to collaborating with OpenAI and everything announced at the Ignite conference, and looks forward to “getting to know (the new CEO) Emmett Shear and OpenAI's new leadership team and working with them.”

According to reports, earlier this year, Microsoft invested “billions” of dollars in OpenAI and obtained 49% of OpenAI's shares. OpenAI is the maker of the popular ChatGPT.


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