郑煤机2.7亿理财遇险 公司回应:若无法收回或计提损失对整体经营不会造成特别大的风险

Zheng Mei Ji's 270 million financial distress company responded: if losses cannot be recovered or calculated, they will not pose a particular risk to overall operations

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/20/2023 13:20
Gelonghui, November 20 | According to Yicai, the “Hangzhou $3 billion quantitative run away” incident continues to ferment. Zheng Mei Ji announced yesterday that there is a risk that the three trust wealth management products “Foreign Trade Trust - Huasoft New Power Select Single Fund Trust” from 1 to 3 will not be able to be paid on time or in full. The total subscription amount for the above three products is 300 million yuan, but currently only 295.634 million yuan of trust capital for Trust Product 1 has been redeemed in advance. Today, the reporter called Zheng Mei Machinery's investor hotline as an investor. Staff said that the company is actively recovering losses. If it is determined that it cannot be recovered, losses may be calculated, but they will not pose a particular risk to overall operations. All other wealth management products are working fine now.

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