本周港股牛股 | 行业利好催化!融创中国周内大涨超33%;小米新机大卖,零部件供应商瑞声科技连升六日涨近20%

This week's Hong Kong bull stocks | Positive industry catalysts! Sunac China surged more than 33% during the week; Xiaomi's new machines sold big, and parts supplier Ruisheng Technology rose nearly 20% for six days

Futu News ·  11/11/2023 10:52

Editor's note:“This Week's Bullish Stocks in Hong Kong and the US”The section closely follows market trends every week, takes stock of the weekly performance of the Hong Kong and US stock markets, helps bulls sort through the week's hot sectors, strong individual stocks, and major news, and find profitable investment topics.

The three major indices of Hong Kong stocks fell collectively this week. By Friday's close, the Hang Seng Index had a cumulative decline of 2.61% throughout the week. The Hang Seng Index and the National Index fell 1.14% and 2.50% respectively during the same period.

Among them, the weekly increase is number one$SUNAC (01918.HK)$, with a cumulative increase of more than 33% during the period.

In terms of news, central bank governor Pan Gongsheng recently stated that overall, real estate financial risks are manageable. In the long run, residents' households are in high demand for improved housing, which can provide support for the long-term stable development of the real estate market and industry.

Furthermore, the central bank also recently released the “China Regional Financial Operation Report 2023,” which mentions that it is mentioned that adapting to the new situation of major changes in the relationship between supply and demand in the real estate market, adjusting and optimizing real estate policies in due course, and promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

The performance of the pharmaceutical sector is eye-catching,$NH HEALTH (06606.HK)$The weekly increase was more than 15%.$ALPHAMAB-B (09966.HK)$An increase of more than 11%,$INNOCARE (09969.HK)$An increase of nearly 9%.

Bank of China International pointed out in a recently released strategy report that after more than two years of pullbacks, the valuation of the pharmaceutical sector is already at a relatively low level, and at the same time, the sector has a strong negative correlation with US bond interest rates. Currently, industry uncertainty has abated. Driven by the development of innovative domestic drugs, the pharmaceutical industry has the impetus for a reversal of prosperity.

Sales volume of Xiaomi 14 exceeded one million in one week after launch, mobile phone parts supplier$AAC TECH (02018.HK)$The stock price rose nearly 20% on the 6th day. The company provided motors, speakers, and mid-frame structural parts for the Xiaomi 14 series.

According to the news, there have been more and more signs recently that the smartphone market is entering a period of recovery. Domestic brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei continue to experience favorable sales.

According to a research report by CICC, along with lower prices for mobile phone camera modules and lens products, Hong Kong-stock mobile phone optics companies ushered in changes in profit and valuation recovery. The brokerage firm pointed out that it is recommended to focus on individual stocks such as Shunyu Optical Technology, Qiutai Technology, and Ruisheng Technology.

The “skit+game” mode is very popular,$CHINA LIT (00772.HK)$The cumulative increase during the week was over 7%, and institutions say that IP monetization capacity is expected to increase.

Steam game “Doom! “I'm Surrounded by Beautiful Women” ignites enthusiasm in the secondary market. Guoyuan International believes that the company has a huge content IP, and at the same time its own IP upgrade capabilities are constantly improving, linking across product forms, from literary works to animation to movies, TV dramas, and games, and peripheral collaborations to unleash maximum commercial value potential. Currently, the culture and entertainment market has fully recovered. At the same time, the application of AI large-scale model technology will greatly increase industry production capacity. Reading Text Group will become the main dividend beneficiary under this major trend.

On the other hand, the weakest performing stocks this week are as follows:

Although the Hang Seng Index only rose for one day this week and showed adjustments for the rest of the year, market transactions continued to weaken.

However, some institutions are still optimistic about the Hong Kong stock market at the end of the year. Market analysis indicates that since the fourth quarter, China's series of policies supporting the economy and financial markets have been continuously consolidated, boosting market sentiment; the frequent exchange of visits between senior Chinese and US officials in recent months has sent positive signals, which are expected to help improve market risk appetite.


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