First Medicine (600833.SH): Received 355.38,400 yuan in compensation from housing expropriation

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/06/2023 15:37

Gelonghui (600833.SH) announced on November 6|First Pharmaceutical () announced that the company held the 11th (interim) meeting of the 10th board of directors on June 15, 2023, deliberated and passed the “Proposal on Signing a Housing Expropriation Compensation Agreement”, and signed the “Shanghai State-owned Land Housing Expropriation Compensation Agreement” and the “Settlement Statement for Enterprises and Institutions for the Renovation Project of 190 Neighborhood Old Town in Huangpu District” (hereinafter referred to as the “Compensation Agreement”) with housing expropriation units and housing expropriation implementation units. According to the compensation agreement, the company expects to receive a total of 355.384 million yuan in expropriation compensation for this house.

Recently, the company received a total compensation of 355.384 million yuan for this housing expropriation. At this point, the compensation agreements signed between the company and the housing expropriation unit and the housing expropriation implementation unit have all been fulfilled.

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