Shanghai Steel Federation (300226.SZ): At this stage, the “Xiaogang robot” already has functions such as interactive communication and generating research reports

Gelonghui Finance ·  10/26/2023 15:38

Gelonghui October 26?Shanghai Iron and Steel Federation (300226.SZ) recently conducted an investor relations activity on "what is the progress of the research and development of AI applications such as Xiaogang robot, and when is it expected to be put on the market? What is the charging model? The company replied that at this stage, "Xiaogang Robot" already has the functions of interactive communication and generating research reports, but as a provider of industrial data services, the company believes that it can continue to improve and is still under comprehensive internal testing. Continuous improvement and optimization based on internal test data. At the same time, the company's "small steel robot" is also being reported to the Internet Information Office for examination and approval, and the specific launch time after the examination and approval shall prevail with the subsequent product announcement notice. From the point of view of the charging model, at present, it is mainly embedded in relevant web pages, APP and data terminals to improve the quality of data service.

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