Shanghai Steel Union (300226.SZ): The gross margin for industrial data services has basically remained around 60% in recent years

Gelonghui Finance ·  10/26/2023 15:37

Gelonghui October 26?Shanghai Iron and Steel Federation (300226.SZ) recently conducted investor relations activities on "gross profit margin in the first three quarters?" What are the reasons for the decline and expectations for subsequent recovery? " The company replied that the gross profit margin of industrial data services has been basically maintained at about 60% in recent years, and the business is currently in a period of development, and the company will continue to replicate and expand from the black plate to other sectors for a long time in the future. in the process of increasing investment in varieties, the per capita efficiency of some sectors may not be able to break even, which requires profit feedback from other advantageous sectors, resulting in a slight decline in gross profit margin. When the industrial sector tends to mature and the overall revenue of the industrial data reaches 1.5 billion or more, it will bring profit growth. In addition, in addition to expansion factors affecting the level of gross profit margin, there are also reasons for the rise in offline business costs brought about by rising prices.

In the face of the complex and changeable external environment, the per ton service charge of the consignment service business of the steel silver e-commerce platform in 2023 is basically the same as that of last year, and the supply chain service business has intensified the adjustment of the business structure, while controlling the risk, the gross profit margin has decreased slightly. While the subsidiary steel silver e-commerce develops steadily, it optimizes the business structure and devotes itself to doing "quality" transactions in order to improve profitability.

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