League of Nations Fisheries (300094.SZ) and related responsible persons received a warning letter from the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau

Zhitong Finance ·  10/12/2023 16:00

Zhitong Financial App News, Guolian Aquatic products (300094.SZ) notice, the company recently received a "decision on issuing warning letters to Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Development Co., Ltd., Li Zhong, Fan Chunhua and Liang Yongzhen" issued by Guangdong Securities and Regulatory Bureau. The decision states that:

On January 30, 2023, Guolian Aquatic products announced the "2022 performance Forecast". It is estimated that the net profit attributed to shareholders of listed companies in 2022 is 27 million yuan to 40 million yuan. The net profit after deducting non-recurrent profit and loss (hereinafter referred to as non-recurrent net profit) is 12 million yuan to 25 million yuan. On April 18, Guolian Aquatic products disclosed the "2022 Annual performance Forecast revision notice", which revised the 2022 annual performance forecast to achieve a net profit of-5 million yuan to-10 million yuan, and a net profit of-19 million yuan to-24 million yuan after deduction. On April 29th, Guolian Aquatic products released its annual report for 2022, revealing that the audited return net profit of the company was-7.5768 million yuan, and the net profit after deducting non-profit was-23.7049 million yuan. The Guolian Aquatic performance Forecast is quite different from the relevant data disclosed in the annual report, and involves changes in profits and losses, and the information disclosure is not accurate; at the same time, the company did not disclose the performance notice revision announcement until April 18, 2023, and the disclosure of the amendment announcement is not timely.

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