Chunxue Foods (605567.SH) plans to introduce an employee stock ownership plan totaling no more than 9.675 million yuan

Zhitong Finance ·  09/27 20:08

Zhitong Financial APP News, Spring Snow Food (605567.SH) disclosed the 2023 employee stock ownership plan (draft), the total number of employees to participate is expected to not exceed 213, the total amount of funds raised in the employee stock ownership plan does not exceed 9.675 million yuan, the total amount of funds that should be paid by participating employees is the maximum number of shares subscribed by employees, calculated according to 6.45 yuan per share. The total number of shares to be transferred under the employee stock ownership plan shall not exceed 1.5 million shares, accounting for no more than 0.75% of the company's current total share capital. The transferee price is not less than 50% of the average stock trading price of 12.90 yuan per share in the 20 trading days before the announcement of the draft employee stock ownership plan.

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