Dongwu Securities: Liquor companies' progress is in line with expectations, and channels are actively growing

Gelonghui Finance ·  09/27 08:53
Gronghui September 27. Soochow Securities Research News pointed out that driven by the K-shaped recovery this year, most high-end wines and premium real estate wines have a more stable performance, achieving excellent reporting performance, and more fundamental support-the stock price is generally better in the first half of the year. Looking forward to the second half of the year, overall mobile sales still maintain a weak recovery performance in July, benefiting from an improvement in the banquet month-on-month in August, we expect Mid-Autumn Festival mobile sales growth, dominant regional brands are expected to achieve double-digit mobile sales growth, and post-holiday inventories are expected to be flat. Some areas are flat. Wine enterprises actively promote money back and mobile sales this year, and we think that most wine enterprises have a higher chance of completing their annual tasks in the second half of the year. Focus on the recommendation of Shanxi Fenjiu, Luzhou laojiao, Yingjiagong wine and so on.

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