金发拉比(002762.SZ)收到国家药品监督局飞行检查结果 要求继续整改

The blonde rabbi (002762.SZ) received the flight inspection results from the State Drug Administration and requested continued rectification

Zhitong Finance ·  09/24 16:41

Zhitong Financial and Economic APP News, the blond rabbi (002762.SZ) issued a notice that on August 16-17, 2023, the State Drug Administration and the Guangdong Drug Administration Joint Inspection team conducted an on-site inspection of the cosmetics production process of the cosmetics production plants under the company, and found that the production management was not in line with the "Cosmetics production quality Management Standards", "Cosmetics production quality Management Standards Inspection points" and other related problems need to be rectified.

The State Drug Administration issued a "notice" on the results of the flight inspection on September 22, and the company's cosmetics factory immediately stopped production and actively continued rectification as required.

According to the announcement, the company mainly produces and sells maternal and infant clothing, cotton products and supplies, and this incident involves supporting products and cosmetics. The annual business income in 2022 is about 25.1893 million yuan, accounting for 10.27% of the company's business income in 2022. The company's cosmetics factory stopped production on September 23 to continue rectification and will apply for review by the drug supervision department in the near future in order to resume production as soon as possible. This incident has no significant impact on the daily production and operation of the company.

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