Zhongtong Bus (000957.SZ): Proposes to relinquish Weichai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.'s priority subscription rights

Gelonghui Finance ·  09/20 16:14

Gelonghui September 20?ZTO Express bus (000957.SZ) announcedWeichai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a shareholding company of the company, and the company holds a 5% stake. According to the business development needs of Weichai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., it is proposed that the shareholder Sinotruk Jinan Power Co., Ltd. will increase the investment by 400 million yuan, while other shareholders will give up the capital increase. After being examined and approved by the 23rd session of the 10th session of the Board of Directors of the Company, it is agreed to waive the right to give priority to capital contribution in this capital increase. After giving up the capital increase, the company's shareholding proportion of Weichai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was diluted from 5% to 1.97%. The investor, China heavy truck Jinan Power Co., Ltd. is a fifth-class subsidiary of Shandong heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., which is the actual controller of the company, so it constitutes a related party transaction.

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