Zhongtong Bus (000957.SZ): Proposed to list and sell 20 real estate properties located in Contemporary International Plaza, No. 177 Dongchang Road, Economic Development Zone, Liaocheng

Gelonghui Finance ·  09/20 16:06

Gelonghui September 20?ZTO Express bus (000957.SZ) announced that in order to optimize the asset structure, invigorate the stock of idle assets, and further improve the efficiency of asset operation, after the examination and approval of the 23rd session of the company's board of directors, 20 real estate sites located in the Contemporary International Plaza, No. 177th Dongchang Road, Liaocheng Economic Development Zone will be publicly listed for sale in the property rights trading center with an evaluation value of 12.4443 million yuan.

The underlying assets are: ten properties in Contemporary International Plaza, 177 Dongchang Road, Liaocheng Economic Development Zone (each property contains one parking space) and ten parking spaces. The real estate is used for residential purposes. There is no mortgage, pledge or any other restrictions on the transfer of immovable property, and it does not involve litigation, arbitration, seizure, freezing and other judicial measures, and there are no other circumstances hindering the transfer of ownership.

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