A股午评:创业板指再次逼近2000点关口 两市超3700股下跌

Afternoon review of A-shares: GEM indicates that it is once again approaching the 2,000 point mark, and over 3,700 shares in the two markets have fallen

Gelonghui Finance ·  09/19 11:32
Gronghui September 19 | the main A-share index bottomed out after opening low and falling. By midday, the Shanghai Composite Index was up 0.02% at 3126 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was down 0.73%, and the gem Index was up 0.78% at 2004 points. More than 3700 shares in the two markets fell, with a half-day turnover of 401.8 billion yuan, and a net sale of 3.711 billion yuan for northward funds. On the market, weight loss drug concept stocks generally rose, Changshan pharmaceutical industry rose more than 14%; medical device plate rose, Dabo medical limit; storage chip plate bottomed out, Pulan shares led the rise; new urbanization concept pulled up, beautiful ecological limit; road transport plate concussion higher, Longjiang traffic limit; industrial machine concept stocks rebounded, East China heavy machinery rose by the limit; chemical, cement, oil and gas and Belt and Road Initiative were among the top gainers. In addition, the tourism hotel plate callback, Huatian Hotel and other stocks fell by more than 3% Chiplet concept, Zhongfu Circuit fell by more than 11%; superconducting concept stocks weakened, Oriental Tantalum industry fell by more than 8%; communications equipment plate fell, Optics Technology fell by more than 6%; CPO concept stocks fell, and Deco led the decline; Lithography concept stocks were adjusted, Oriental Jiasheng fell by the limit before; liquid cooling, 6G concept and machine vision were among the top decliners.

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