与云南白药对标 广药白云山也要卖牙膏

Comparing with Yunnan Baiyao, Guangzhou Baiyunshan also needs to sell toothpaste

Gelonghui Finance ·  09/19/2023 08:57
GLONGHUI, September 19 | According to Beijing Commercial Daily, another traditional Chinese medicine company has entered the toothpaste market. According to reports, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, and Meichen Group, a toothpaste manufacturer, have jointly formed Guangzhou Baiyun Toothpaste Company. Three new series of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Baiyun toothpaste products have also been officially unveiled. Against the backdrop of a slowdown in revenue growth in the health business sector, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Baiyunshan may need new growth points. The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group said that the product position of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Baiyun toothpaste is “to remove bacteria and clean the fire, and is as white as a cloud”. This time, it has launched three series of toothpastes: high-end, fashionable, and classic. In stylish packaging, pump packs and tube packs are available. Judging from now on, the sales channels for Baiyun toothpaste include e-commerce and hotel channels.

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