Aridis Pharmaceuticals(ARDS.US):2023年Q2财报实现营收1964.7万美元,前值为29.2万美元;每股收益为0.33美元,前值为-0.45美元。

Aridis Pharmaceuticals (ARDS.US): The 2023 Q2 financial report achieved revenue of US$19647 million, a previous value of US$292,000; earnings per share was $0.33, and a previous value of -$0.45.

Zhitong Finance ·  09/15/2023 21:48
Aridis Pharmaceuticals (ARDS.US): Q2 reported revenue of $19.647 million in 2023, with a previous value of $292000, and earnings per share of $0.33, compared with a previous value of-45.

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