湘佳股份(002982.SZ)8月活禽销售收入7960.79万元 同比下降21.51%

Xiangjia Co., Ltd. (002982.SZ)'s live poultry sales revenue in August was 796.079 million yuan, down 21.51% year-on-year

Zhitong Finance ·  09/07 17:58

Zhitong Financial App News, Xiangjia shares (002982.SZ) announced that the company sold 3.4541 million live birds in August 2023, with a sales income of 79.6079 million yuan and an average sales price of 12.96 yuan / kg, with month-on-month changes of 0.58%, 12.59% and 14.19% respectively, and year-on-year changes of-7.92%,-21.51% and-13.86% respectively.

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