Rongfa Nuclear Power (002366.SZ) released semi-annual results, with a net loss of 1.06 million yuan

Zhitong Finance ·  08/25/2023 21:21

According to Zhitong Financial App, Rongfa Nuclear Power (002366.SZ) disclosed the 2023 semi-annual report. During the reporting period, the company achieved revenue of 246 million yuan, an increase of 52.53% over the previous year; net profit loss of 1.06 million yuan, narrowed year on year; net profit loss of 1.06 million yuan after deducting non-net profit loss of 1986 million yuan, narrowed year on year; basic earnings per share - 0.0053 yuan.

The biggest driving factor in the company's performance during the reporting period was the structural change in the company's products. Through several years of technology accumulation and innovation and implementation of strategies to introduce advanced technology from abroad, the company has mastered the most advanced equipment core manufacturing technology, and realized the transformation from single-material R&D and production to high-end equipment manufacturing. The main core equipment manufacturing technology performance is, one is second-generation semi-nuclear power main line full-process manufacturing technology; the second is third-generation main pipeline full-process manufacturing technology, covering all mainstream domestic technical routes such as Hualong 1, AP1000, and CAP1400; third, key equipment manufacturing technology for small core island main equipment, which can achieve modular manufacturing of pressure vessels, voltage regulators, evaporators, and main pipes; fourth, through advanced technology introduction, digestion, and absorption. We have fully mastered spent fuel storage and transportation container manufacturing technology and nuclear waste post-treatment system equipment manufacturing technology.

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