A股收评:三大指数齐涨 数据要素、通信服务板块全天强势

A-share reviews: the three major indices rose, data elements, and the communications services sector was strong throughout the day

Gelonghui Finance ·  08/22/2023 15:01
GLONGHUI, August 22 | The three major indices rose at the end of the session. At the end of the session, the Shanghai index closed up 0.88% to 3120 points, the SZSE index closed up 0.53%, and the GEM index closed up 0.09%. Nearly 2,600 shares in the two markets rose, with full-day transactions of 818.4 billion yuan, and net sales of Beishang Capital of 5.61 billion yuan. On the market, the data asset list was officially launched. The data element sector was strong throughout the day, with more than 10 stocks including the Shanghai Steel Union rising and falling; brokerage stocks rose in the afternoon, with Pioneer Securities rising more than 9%; computing power concept stocks continued to be strong, with Sino-Beibei Communications and Hongbo shares rising and falling; communications services fluctuated upward, with Zhang Chao of China Unicom rising 7%; and sectors such as Xinchuang, AIGC concepts, and Internet services had the highest gains. In addition, the diet medicine sector declined throughout the day, with Keyuan Pharmaceutical falling more than 14%; the decline in the pet economy widened in the afternoon, and Yuanfei Pet fell to a halt for a while; SPD concept stocks continued to pull back, and the opening industry fell to a standstill; the pharmaceutical business, outdoor camping, CRO, beauty care and environmental protection sectors had the highest declines.

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