America's Top Cancer Research Agency: Developing a Drug That Kills All Solid Cancers

Gelonghui Finance ·  08/02 16:52
Glonway, August 2 | America's top cancer treatment and research agency, the City of Hope (City of Hope) National Medical Center, issued an announcement on Tuesday saying that in pre-clinical research, scientists at the agency developed a targeted chemotherapy drug that can kill all solid malignant tumors (cancer). The preclinical research mentioned in the announcement has been published in the journal “Cytochemical Biology” in the form of a paper. The drug mentioned earlier (AOH1996) is an oral small molecule PCNA (proliferative cell nuclear antigen) inhibitor used to inhibit tumor cell proliferation. According to a report from a pre-clinical trial study, researchers tested AOH1996 in more than 70 cancer cell lines and several groups of normal cells. This investigative therapy stopped cells with damaged DNA from dividing in the G2/M phase and stopped replicating the wrong DNA during the S phase. The end result was that AOH1996 caused the death (or apoptosis) of cancer cells without interrupting the reproductive cycle of healthy stem cells.

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