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Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of low-voltage electrical components and their system integration equipment, such as low-voltage circuit breakers, dual-power automatic switching switches, industrial control automation products, etc. always focus on the middle and high-end market of the domestic low-voltage electrical appliance industry. Through independent research and development, the company has mastered a number of core patented technologies of low-voltage electrical appliances, and can provide a variety of perfect low-voltage electrical products and solutions. The company's R & D, production and sales of low-voltage circuit breakers and dual-power automatic conversion switches are technologically advanced, complete in variety and comprehensive in specifications, which are widely used in all kinds of fields that require high reliability of distribution and performance of low-voltage electrical appliances. It has served many major national, provincial and municipal projects such as China Mobile Limited data center, Shanghai rail transit, Shenzhen Securities Exchange Center and so on.

(1) the company's dual-power automatic conversion switch series has excellent performance and comprehensive product specifications and models. The PC class dual power automatic conversion switch developed, produced and sold by the company has significant technical advantages in similar products produced by domestic enterprises, and advanced product technologies such as digital excitation drive, short-circuit switching protection and power supply out-of-phase protection are widely used. The company has dual power automatic changeover switch products that meet the highest switching and segmenting capability level (AC-33A), as well as a series of products with advanced derivative functions such as instantaneous parallel connection, neutral line overlap, extraction with bypass and so on. The overall depth and width of the product line is equivalent to that of international leading enterprises, which can fully meet the needs of end users at all levels of dual power automatic conversion switch products.

(2) the company has 38 offices throughout the country, covering 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Based on the offices throughout the domestic administrative regions, the company has established an industry-oriented sales organization structure, which meets the higher requirements of high-quality end-users in the downstream industry for the technical performance and quality stability of low-voltage electrical products. By setting up an industry sales center, the company organizes a team of professional sales engineers to conduct technical exchanges and technical promotion with downstream end-users by means of technical exchange meetings and technical promotion meetings. directly understand the technical requirements of their products and timely feedback solutions. After years of market mining and marketing services, the company's sales engineer team has accumulated rich project experience and established a good cooperative relationship and stable product supply relationship with some high-quality end users. Enhance the customer's trust in the company's brand and product loyalty.

(3) the Guizhou manufacturing center of the company has the full process production capacity of independent processing of raw materials, assembly of parts and components and functional testing. The production mode of outsourcing parts assembly is widely used in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry, and the company implements independent deployment and production of some products, which can improve the reliability and controllability of the production plan and save the cost of part of the outsourcing production. The advanced production processes such as automatic stamping, numerical control machining and high-power high-frequency automatic welding used in the production process of the company have improved the processing accuracy and efficiency of the products. The company has established a strict production management system to ensure that the production process is efficient and reasonable, the quality of the low-voltage electrical appliances sold is stable and the failure rate is low.

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