[Societe Generale Securities] Jing Tianli: announce the additional issuance plan, open a new blue ocean of "Internet insurance"

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The company announced today that it will conduct a non-public offering of shares. the number of shares in this non-public offering will not exceed 10 million shares, additional shares will be issued to no more than five specific targets, and the total funds raised will not exceed 350.36 million yuan. Will be used for Internet insurance platform projects and supplementary liquidity.


Additional issuance to expand the construction of Internet insurance platform, not only layout the present, but also focus on the future. The company's additional offering aims at raising no more than 350.36 million yuan in the secondary market, and the funds raised are mainly used for the establishment of an Internet insurance platform, and the project uses cloud operating system as the technical carrier. Regional public cloud management system and private cloud management system can be established and supported by regions, and all information exchange, collaborative work and services are realized. The project includes three sub-units: Internet insurance collaborative interactive platform, Internet insurance marketing service center and Internet insurance big data center. 1. Internet insurance collaborative interactive platform: this platform aims to establish a communication platform between insurance companies or intermediaries and customers, improve the service quality of the company's insurance business; 2. Internet Insurance Marketing Service Center: the platform aims to provide multi-faceted marketing opportunities for Internet insurance products, and optimize the process for customers to purchase products and enjoy services, and build a new marketing platform for all kinds of Internet insurance products of the company. 3. Internet Insurance big data Center: the platform aims to collect the data and information of all kinds of authorized users, including user basic data, transaction data, user operation and behavior data, user social network data, financial services or product supply and other information, on the one hand, it can provide customers with the best matching insurance products, on the other hand, it can provide data basis for the development and design of new Internet insurance products. We believe that the collaborative interactive platform and marketing service platform are more likely to provide better technical support and service quality for the company's existing Internet insurance business, while big data Center is more focused on the future, through long-term data accumulation, the company will better transform from a channel vendor to a product designer, showing the real competitive advantage of Internet insurance companies.

Build a platform to really become bigger and stronger in the Internet insurance industry. Through this additional offering, the company will strengthen the professional strength and brand influence of the company's Internet insurance business. the platform will have a synergistic effect with the company's industry development service, vehicle extension service, flight delay insurance service, mobile phone extension service and other aspects in customer resources, product services, marketing channels, user experience and other aspects, to ensure that the company will become bigger and stronger in the vertical segment of Internet insurance.

Our point of view: Jingtianli has been recommended since its listing. Internet insurance, as one of the important areas of Internet finance, has a broad market space in the future. Jingtianli specializes in car extension, flight delay and mobile phone extension are easy to understand and standardized small insurance products, which is the best way for the Internet to cut into the insurance industry. At present, the company's website "Che Le Youyou" is the first online car extension service platform in China, aviation delay insurance is connected to platform, mobile phone extension insurance cooperates with Taobao, and the potential market space is about 65 billion yuan. the company is located in the two tuyere: Internet finance and car networking plate are the two major sectors that we think will continue to be in the tuyere next year, customer resources are of high quality, have good development potential, and maintain the "increase" rating. The EPS in 14-16 years was 0.46,0.64 and 0.91 yuan, respectively.

Risk hint: high uncertainty in the development of new products and accelerated decline in traditional business

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