第一医药(600833.SH)签订房屋征收补偿协议 征收补偿款合计3553.84万元

First Pharmaceutical (600833.SH) signed a housing expropriation compensation agreement to collect compensation totaling 355.384 million yuan

Zhitong Finance ·  06/15/2023 15:34

According to the Zhitong Finance App, First Pharmaceutical (600833.SH) issued an announcement. According to the “Shanghai Huangpu District People's Government Housing Expropriation Decision” (Huangfuzheng (2022) No. 1) made by the People's Government of Huangpu District of Shanghai on February 10, 2022, the company's house located at No. 10, Jiangxi Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai was included in the scope of expropriation. Housing expropriated on Jiangxi Middle Road was once used by the company for rental operations outside the country (now withdrawn). The current housing expropriation unit is “Shanghai Huangpu District Housing Security and Housing Administration”, the housing expropriation implementation unit is “Shanghai Huangpu Second Housing Expropriation Service Co., Ltd.” and the housing evaluation unit is “Shanghai Real Estate Appraiser Office Co., Ltd.”

After many negotiations, a basic agreement has now been reached on expropriation compensation matters. The company plans to sign the “Shanghai State-owned Land Housing Expropriation Compensation Agreement” and the “Settlement Form for Enterprises and Institutions for the 190 Neighborhood Old Town Renovation Project in Huangpu District” (hereinafter referred to as the “Compensation Agreement”) with the housing expropriation unit. According to the compensation agreement, the company can obtain a total of 355.384 million yuan in expropriation compensation for this housing. The payment date is within 90 days of the company moving out of the original site after the agreement comes into effect.

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