港股异动 | 北辰实业股份大涨逾11% 此前A股直线拉升涨停

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Beichen Industrial Co., Ltd. surged more than 11% before A-shares went up and stopped in a straight line

Gelonghui Finance ·  06/08/2023 15:38
Gelonghui, June 8, 丨 Beichen Industrial Co., Ltd. (0588.HK) rose sharply by more than 11% to HK$0.91. Previously, the strong rise in A-shares came to a halt. The company's main business includes real estate development, exhibition (including hotels) and commercial properties. China Housing Network published an article stating that the real estate industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy, and when policies such as purchase restrictions and loan restrictions are no longer necessary, it is proper to lift restrictive measures. Furthermore, since this year, the exhibition industry has pressed the “recovery button”, and many large-scale exhibitions have been held in various places one after another.

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