Kehua Biotech (002022.SZ): Since 2014, there has been no actual controller, and the company's main business has developed steadily

Gelonghui Finance ·  06/07/2023 09:02

Gelonghui June 7th 丨Kehua Biotech (002022.SZ) was surveyed by the agency and said, “Does the company have no actual controller influence on the company? After Zhuhai Insurance Union, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gree Real Estate, became the company's largest shareholder, its position on the company?”

The company replied that the company has not had an actual controller since 2014, and the company's main business has developed steadily. Gree Real Estate's investment in Kehua Biotech through its wholly-owned subsidiary is an important step forward in its biomedical and healthcare sector layout and improving and expanding its industrial layout in the big health sector. As Gree Real Estate, which has a background in state-owned assets, focuses on the purpose of long-term development and actively supports the company's business development, which is of great significance to the company's long-term stable development.

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