*ST海核(002366.SZ):3、4月份已签订核电主管道及波动管订单 总金额近10亿元

*ST Marine Nuclear (002366.SZ): The total amount of nuclear power mainline and fluctuation management orders signed in March and April was close to 1 billion yuan

Gelonghui Finance ·  05/18/2023 14:56

Gelonghui 5/18 丨Some investors asked *ST Offshore Nuclear (002366.SZ) on the investor interactive platform, “Is your company's nuclear reactor pipeline connected to a nuclear reactor or a pipe linked to a steam turbine? Are pipelines supplied abroad? Has the first Hualong One tower already started operation and are there any follow-up orders? What position has the company's production capacity probably recovered to now. Does the company take orders for ships?”

*ST Haihe replied that the main channel for the production of nuclear power is the main channel of the nuclear island circuit, which is the main line connecting the main equipment of the reactor's primary coolant system; the main customers of the company's nuclear power main channel products are relevant engineering construction or design units registered domestically; according to previously disclosed matters, the company signed nuclear power main channel and fluctuation management orders in March and April 2023, with a total amount of nearly 1 billion yuan. Please check the company's relevant announcements for related matters.

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