北京北辰实业股份(00588.HK):一季度净利润3266.92万元 同比增长1.92%

Beijing Beichen Industrial Co., Ltd. (00588.HK): Net profit for the first quarter was 32.6692 million yuan, up 1.92% year-on-year

Gelonghui Finance ·  04/27/2023 17:51

Gelonghui April 27th 丨Beijing Beichen Industrial Co., Ltd. (00588.HK) announced that in the first quarter of 2023, it achieved operating income of RMB 4.185 billion, an increase of 79.88% over the previous year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of RMB 32.662 million, an increase of 1.92% over the previous year; RMB 4,4335 million, a decrease of 84.05% over the previous year; and basic earnings per share of 0.01 yuan.

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